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Sample Tests

Full sample versions of CaMLA tests and other support materials are available on this page. Sample tests are designed to be similar in difficulty to the actual test. They give a reasonable idea of how a test taker should expect to score.


ECCE Sample Tests

ECCE Sample Test, Form B

ECCE 2013 Sample Test


The ECCE writing section benchmarks have been prepared by trained raters at CaMLA.


Sample of a complete ECCE speaking test:


ECPE Sample Tests

Before beginning the sample test, read the the ECPE Sample Test Guide and download the answer sheet.

ECPE Sample Test, Form A

ECPE Sample Test, Form B

Writing Benchmarks

ECPE writing section benchmarks have been prepared by trained raters at CaMLA.


Sample of a complete ECPE speaking test:


MELAB Sample Test

Before beginning, read “How to Take the Sample Test” on page 2 of the MELAB sample test guide.


MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary includes ten essays representative of each score on the MELAB Writing Rating Scale. The essays were written by MELAB test takers and scored and commented on by trained raters at CaMLA.


MET Sample Test

Listening and Reading

Before taking an MET sample test, please become familiar with the sample test instructions.


The MET Speaking Test measures an individual’s ability to produce comprehensible speech in response to a range of tasks and topics. It is a structured, one-on-one interaction between examiner and test taker that includes five distinct tasks. The tasks require test takers to convey information about a picture and about themselves, give a supported opinion, and state the advantages and disadvantages of a particular proposal.

Sample of a complete MET Speaking Test:


The MET Writing Test designed is to evaluate the ability to write in English. The test is intended for English language learners who range in ability from the high beginner to low advanced levels. In order to measure the writing proficiency of individuals at these differing levels of ability, the MET Writing Test requires test takers to produce written language at the sentence level, the paragraph level, and to produce a short essay.

Practice Materials For Sale

CaMLA test practice materials include a full-length test and explanatory materials. Follow the links for online ordering details.

Rating Scales

Speaking and writing rating scales for the ECCE, ECPE, MELAB, and MET.

Publishers of Test Preparation Materials

Many other organizations create and publish practice and test preparation materials to help you get ready for a CaMLA exam.