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(cb) CaMLA EPT

Institutions have been using the CaMLA English Placement Test—the CaMLA EPT— for over four decades to place English language learners into the appropriate level.

The CaMLA EPT is now available as a computer-based (cb) test.

Benefits of a computer-based test

  • No complex preregistration needed—students can enter their information when they arrive to take the test
  • Supported and backed by CaMLA research
  • Simple system requirements: a student can take the test on any computer with headphones and an up-to-date web browser
  • You can run score reports immediately—no hand-scoring or scantron sheets

What does it look like?

The (cb) CaMLA EPT has been designed to provide an easy-to-navigate examination for the test taker. Test sections are clearly marked, with separate time limits and instructions provided.

Grammar Sample

In the sample screen image below, the test taker sees Question 28, a grammar item in the GVR portion. Test takers will see their progress and the time left in the section along the top of their screen. They can move between items in the GVR section; they will not be able to move between items in the listening portion of the test.

EPT sample screenshot ERG with selection

Reading Sample

Here is another sample, this time of a (cb) CaMLA EPT reading passage with questions. The test takers can scroll through the questions on the right; the reading passage will remain visible on the left.

EPT sample screenshot ERR

Learn More about the Test


This table, from the study linking the CaMLA EPT to the CEFR, shows where CaMLA EPT test takers fall in relation to CEFR, as well as providing skill level scores, which institutions can use as a guide for setting cut scores.

The (cb) CaMLA EPT contains the same content as the paper-based CaMLA EPT.


Prior to purchasing the CaMLA EPT, please contact us so that we can verify you’re a valid purchasing institution. The (cb) CaMLA EPT requires a minimum purchase of 25, but any quantity above that can be purchased. Need 68 tests? No problem. Want to buy 700 tests? You can do that, too.

Besides the ease of administration, what is great about the (cb) CaMLA EPT is that the results are revealed as soon as the students finish.

— Hamid Kherief, CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP), York College