Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments

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Products & Services

With more than sixty years of experience delivering internationally recognized language tests, CaMLA can address your assessment needs. We offer a variety of products and services that allow centers and institutions to accurately test the English language proficiency of nonnative English speakers. We offer tests that can be administered either through an official CaMLA test center or through an individual institution.

Tests for Centers: Proficiency & Certification

CaMLA’s proficiency and certification tests are taken at test centers, are sent in, and are scored by CaMLA.

Tests for Institutions: Placement & Progress

CaMLA’s placement and progress tests are administered at the convenience of the purchasing institution and provide a highly reliable measure of test takers’ overall language proficiency. Scoring is quick, easy, and performed by your staff.

Custom Solutions

If you can’t find an English test that meets your goals, we can also work with you to figure out Custom Solutions for your assessment needs.