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CaMLA releases new YLTE sample tests
December 8, 2016
Categories: YLTE

Download volume 2 of the YLTE Bronze, Silver, and Gold sample tests

New sample tests for the YLTE (Young Learners Tests of English) are now available. Each new Bronze, Silver, and Gold form contains a reading and writing section and a listening section. There is also an answer key. Use these new forms in conjunction with the sample tests already available on the website to help prepare young learners for the YLTE.

More about the YLTE

The YLTE provides a clear and transparent assessment of young learners’ English from Bronze (beginner) through Silver to Gold (early intermediate). Developed by CaMLA in association with Cambridge Assessment English, the tests cover all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Of primary importance is that the testing experience has a positive impact on children and their subsequent language learning.

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