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Need an English progress test? All-new MTELP Series forms are here!
April 23, 2015
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If you’re looking for an English language assessment to bring you into the present, one that effectively measures both learner achievement and progress, consider the MTELP Series. (Even if you don’t consider the MTELP Series, do your students a favor and make sure your English test isn’t out of date!)

The MTELP Series measures both learner achievement and progress and can be used with adult or young adult language learners.

3 Levels of Proficiency

The MTELP Series is available at three distinct levels of proficiency—beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

3 Different Test Forms

With the MTELP Series, you’ll find three unique, parallel test forms at each level, with scores linked across forms and levels.

Why use the MTELP Series?

With the MTELP Series, you’ll be able to:

  • use the multiple levels to track learner progress
  • order tests in multiple form and level combinations that suits your institution’s needs
  • use the MTELP Series in combination with the CaMLA EPT

Learn more about about the MTELP Series, available May 2015 in both computer-based and paper-based format.


Let us know and we’ll find out together if the MTELP Series can help solve your English language testing problems.

Not sure what type of English placement/progress test you need? Check out our guide: Choosing and Using an English Placement Test: Where to Begin?

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