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More than 30 new ways to prepare your students for the YLTE
September 5, 2014
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YLTE_Bear_pen_paperWe know what a profoundly important job teaching is, and our new YLTE Teaching Materials—now available for download—will make preparing students for the YLTE a little easier (and a lot more fun!).

How will the YLTE help your students improve their English?

The YLTE celebrates success
It’s a can do test, highlighting a student’s strengths and proficiencies.

  • There is no pass or fail
  • The difficulty of the tests gradually increases from Bronze level to Silver level and up through the Gold level
  • The YLTE measures listening, speaking, reading, and writing

The YLTE is engaging
These tests have been designed to help students build confidence in their development of English.

  • All content is familiar to and developmentally appropriate for students in primary school
  • Students enjoy taking the YLTE because they see their success as English communication skills improve

How will the new YLTE Teaching Materials help you prepare your students?

YLTE Teaching Materials provide an in-depth look at the test.
In the teaching materials:

  • Each part of each level is dissected and explained
  • You’ll be able to fully understand the skills and competencies your students will need
  • Thorough explanations and sample questions from the YLTE are included

The YLTE Teaching Materials include adaptable activities.
By level, every part of the test is accompanied with a suggested classroom activity to help your students learn the tested skills and vocabulary.

  • Each activity is simple to plan and execute
  • Students will be motivated and engaged for hours
  • Adapt the activities to fit in with just about any unit or focus of study!

What are you waiting for? Download YLTE Teaching Materials today!

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