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First CaMLA exams given in India
October 25, 2013
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Planet EDU kicked off CaMLA’s presence in India by administering the MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery) this September in Gurgaon, a leading industrial and financial center near New Delhi.

Planet EDUA global educational service with over 1,000 enrollment centers and 40 locations worldwide, Planet EDU’s team of experienced exam managers—who also administer Cambridge Assessment English exams—found it easy to include CaMLA exams in their offerings. “There was no real stress or pressure of any kind in terms of managing the online registration, candidate support, test registration process, or management of live material,” said Suniel Nautiyal, senior manager for examinations at Planet EDU.

“The MELAB test was quite good and smooth, right from the time we made a decision to administer the test,” Nautiyal said. “The support we got from the CaMLA team has been and continues to be remarkable, prompt, and friendly. The candidates found the exam format very friendly as compared to other similar exams, and they felt quite comfortable. We are positive that moving forward and as the market matures the test will have many more takers.”

Test takers in Gurgaon reported that they especially liked the MELAB reading section and the speaking test format. “The MELAB provides great option for English language learners in India, and we’re pleased with its initial success,” says CaMLA CEO Casey Marks. “CaMLA is proud to work with a world-class partner like Planet EDU, and we look forward to future collaborations in India and beyond.”

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